Sessions to Choose from:
Thursday, June 9th 8pm EDT/5pm PDT
Sunday, June 12th 6pm EDT/3pm PDT

During this seminar, you will participate in a
90-minute training session that will guide you through stronger communication tools to use with your partner. We will pause to personally reflect in your workbook (no, you don't have to share your reflections with everyone). You will have conversation starters to use with your partner (We will spend time muting our mics and working on these conversations). You will leave with next steps to take in order to break the argument patterns and create more respectful communication in your home.

Can I participate without my partner if they have to work or have other obligations?
While this is created for partners to go through together, you are welcome to participate solo and share the training recording (Q&A will not be recorded to maintain privacy) and workbook with your partner.

This is a sensitive topic, can I stay private while I learn?
Yes, of course. I recognize that addressing these topics is sensitive and you are allowed to show up as it best serves you. If that means sharing and asking questions, great. If that means taking it in and reflecting in your workbook but not sharing, great. This is for you to learn and engage in your own style.